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Na So Baba Rex Biography: A Glimpse into the Life of a Nigerian Nollywood Star



Na So Baba Rex Biography: A Glimpse into the Life of a Nigerian Nollywood Star

Na So Baba Rex Biography: A Glimpse into the Life of a Nigerian Nollywood Star

Nosa Rex, popularly known as Baba Rex, is a multifaceted Nigerian entertainer celebrated for his comedic prowess and acting talent. In this comprehensive biography, we explore Baba Rex’s life, career achievements, family, and net worth, shedding light on his journey to stardom.

Who is Baba Rex:
Hailing from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, Nosa Rex, aka Baba Rex, is a renowned Nigerian Nollywood comic actor, comedian, entrepreneur, model, and television personality. With his charismatic persona and comedic flair, Baba Rex has endeared himself to audiences across Nigeria and beyond.

Profiling Baba Rex:
– Full Names: Nosa Baba Rex
– Date of Birth: May 4th, 1990
– Age: 32
– Nationality: Nigerian
– Education: Ambrose Alli University
– Occupation: Actor and Comedian
– Marital Status: Married to Deborah Nosa
– Children: Andre Nosa and Audrey Nosa
– Label: Big Things Production
– Net Worth: $1-$2 million

Baba Rex’s Wife and Family:
Baba Rex is happily married to Deborah Nosa, his longtime companion and best friend since secondary school. Their family is blessed with two children, a son named Andre Nosa and a daughter named Audrey Nosa. The couple’s bond exemplifies love, friendship, and enduring commitment.

Age and Hometown:
Born on May 4th, 1990, in Benin City, Edo State, Baba Rex is currently 32 years old. His roots in Benin City, a vibrant cultural hub in Nigeria, have influenced his persona and career trajectory.

Education and Early Career:
Baba Rex obtained his elementary and secondary education in Benin City before pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Ambrose Alli University. Despite his academic background, Baba Rex harbored a longstanding dream of gracing the screen. In 2010, he ventured into the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, and gained recognition for his role in the movie “Gazza Treasure.”

Net Worth:
With his flourishing career in Nollywood and entrepreneurial ventures, Baba Rex has amassed a net worth estimated between $1 to $2 million. His diverse talents and contributions to the entertainment industry have solidified his financial success and status as a prominent figure in Nigerian entertainment.

Baba Rex’s biography offers a glimpse into the life of a versatile entertainer whose charisma, talent, and dedication have earned him admiration and acclaim. From his humble beginnings in Benin City to his ascent to stardom in Nollywood, Baba Rex continues to captivate audiences with his comedic brilliance and infectious energy. As he navigates his career and family life, Baba Rex remains a cherished icon in the Nigerian entertainment landscape, inspiring fans and fellow artists alike.

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