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Wuhara Kabutha: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Family, Net Worth



Wuhara Kabutha: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Family, Net Worth

Wuhara Kabutha: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Family, Net Worth

Profiling Wuhara Kabutha

A Quick Glance At Wuhara Kabutha

– Full Names: Wuhara Kabutha
– Stage Name: Wuhara Kabutha
– Date Of Birth: Not specified
– Age: Early 20s
– Nationality: Kenyan
– Education: Ph.D. student at Cardiff University
– Occupation: Vlogger and Influencer
– Relationship/Marital Status: Single
– Place of Birth: Kenya
– No of Children: None
– Net Worth: Below $20k
– Known For: Travel Vlogging

How Old is Wuhara Kabutha?

Wuhara Kabutha is in her early 20s. More details about her age will be provided when available.

What Are Wuhara Kabutha’s Hobbies?

Wuhara Kabutha enjoys swimming and water splashing. Additionally, she is passionate about researching consumer behavior online, focusing on aspects such as consumer engagement, relationships, and communities.

Creating Her First Video

In an interview, Wuhara Kabutha shared her experience creating her first video, expressing her desire for authenticity. She learned video editing independently and posted her debut video on the same day, showcasing her raw and genuine style.

Educational Background

Wuhara Kabutha is pursuing a Ph.D. at Cardiff University.

Wuhara Kabutha’s Boyfriend

Information about Wuhara Kabutha’s boyfriend is not publicly available.

Favorite YouTubers

Internationally, she admires HeyParis and Jackie Aina for their content. Locally, she follows various YouTubers, including Njugush, Joanna Kinuthia, Joy Kendi, Kate Kabi, Kate Kendy, Kylie Achie, Natalie Tewa, Over Twenty Five, and Hope Hajir, among others.

Career and Partners

Wuhara Kabutha has collaborated with notable brands such as Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble (Always, Oral B), Guinness, and World Remit. She also has experience in broadcast journalism, having co-hosted a television show in Nairobi, Kenya.

Social Media

– Instagram
– Twitter

Wuhara Kabutha draws inspiration from content creators such as Chantelle Petit, East Meets West, Good Vibes Kenya, Great Day Channel, HeyParis, and Jackie Aina. She credits HeyParis for inspiring her to create storytime content. Locally, she follows a diverse range of YouTubers for inspiration and entertainment.