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A.I. Jarvis Biography, Career, Networth, Achievements and Relationship



Meet A.I. Jarvis, the dynamic force in the Nigerian TikTok scene, rising to prominence in late 2023. Her popularity skyrocketed after the PELLER VS JARVIS TikTok game, featuring a remake by renowned music producer Professional beats. This catchy beat became a TikTok sensation, embraced by popular dancers and DJs like T dollar, SEUN pizzle, DJ Ceez.

Profile Summary

Attribute Information
Full Name A.I. Jarvis (Lizzie Bookman)
TikTok Emergence 2023
Key Achievements PELLER VS JARVIS game, Remix by Professional beats
Specialization Mimicking robots, Pro TikToker
Education Ambrose Ali University student
TikTok Status Main account temporarily banned (late 2023)
Partnership Thriving collaboration with PELLER
Monthly Earnings $10,000
Relationship Status Undisclosed
Assets No disclosed house or car
Social Media Handle @A.I. Jarvis

A.I. Jarvis Background:

Born as Lizzie Bookman, also known as Lizzy to her fans, A.I. Jarvis is a young AI enthusiast hailing from Benin City, Edo State. Completing her primary and secondary education in Nigeria, she is currently a student at Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma. Originating from a prosperous family, Lizzie is the proud offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Bookman.

A.I. Jarvis Artistic Persona:

A.I. Jarvis, aka Lizzie Bookman, distinguishes herself as a pro TikToker and content creator, captivating audiences by flawlessly mimicking robots. Pioneering the concept of acting and talking like a real robot in Nigeria, she gained fame for her unique talent, setting her apart in the realm of robotic performances.

A.I. Jarvis Career Highlights:

In late 2023, A.I. Jarvis faced a setback as her main TikTok account got banned. Despite this, she remains a close friend of PELLER, who informed fans during a TikTok LIVE that Lizzie Bookman is in her final year at Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma. Currently focused on school projects and examinations, A.I. Jarvis is temporarily away from the TikTok app.

A.I. Jarvis Relationship with Peller:

Jarvis and Peller share a business partnership, collaborating during TikTok LIVE sessions to entertain fans and generate income. Their humorous banter encourages fans to send gifts, which they convert to dollars for cashing out.

A.I. Jarvis Relationship Status:

As of now, Lizzie Bookman is not in an open relationship, and there’s no available information about any undisclosed relationships.

A.I. Jarvis Net Worth:

A.I. Jarvis leverages her TikTok earnings effectively, making a minimum of $100 in each TikTok LIVE session and accumulating over $10,000 monthly.

A.I. Jarvis Social Media Handles:

A.I. Jarvis’s popularity extends across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Follow her on her favorite social media platforms @A.I. Jarvis.

Jarvis Assets

While A.I. Jarvis currently doesn’t own a house or a car, her influence and success in the digital realm continue to grow, promising a bright future in the entertainment industry.


In a nutshell, A.I. Jarvis, born Lizzie Bookman, emerged as a force in the Nigerian TikTok scene in 2023. Her fame skyrocketed with the PELLER VS JARVIS game and a remix by Professional beats. Known for mimicking robots, Jarvis is a pro TikToker and Ambrose Ali University student.

Despite a temporary TikTok setback, her partnership with PELLER thrives, contributing to her $10,000 monthly earnings. With no disclosed relationship status, and no house or car yet, A.I. Jarvis continues to shape the digital entertainment landscape. Follow her @A.I. Jarvis for the latest updates.

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