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All We Know About Zazu Portable Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Career, Scandals



All We Know About Zazu Portable Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Career, Scandals

Profiling Portable Zazu

A Quick Glance At Portable Zazu

– Full Names:Habeeb Okokiola
– Nationality:Nigerian
– Year Of Birth: March 12, 1994
– State of Origin:Ogun State
– Genre:Afrobeat
– Parents:Mr. and Mrs. Okikiola
– Marital Status:Single
– Net Worth:$300k
– Albums:

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Okikiola in Ogun state, Nigeria, Portable Zazu, born on March 12, 1994, is deeply rooted in his Yoruba heritage. Raised in a Muslim household, he developed a love for music from a young age.

Portable Zazu Career

Growing up, Portable Zazu immersed himself in Yoruba rap music, drawing inspiration from renowned Nigerian rappers like Lord Of Ajasa, Dagrin, Olamide, and more. Despite facing initial setbacks, he persevered and eventually found success after being introduced to Olamide by Poco Lee.

He gained recognition with his hit song “Zazu Zeh,” collaborating with Olamide and Poco Lee. The word “Zazu” derived from a Hebrew name meaning “Movement,” reflecting Portable Zazu’s energetic style.

Portable Zazu Net Worth

Portable Zazu’s estimated net worth ranges from $210,000 to $300,000 (105,000,000 NGN to 150,000,000).

Portable Zazu Cars

With his wealth, Portable Zazu boasts impressive cars, as seen on his Instagram page, where he shared images of his luxurious lifestyle.

Portable Zazu Relationship

While not married, Portable Zazu is engaged and prefers to keep his romantic life private. However, he has revealed being a father to two sons in an interview.

Excerpt from Portable’s Interview

In an interview with Jahbless Original Intelligence, Portable discussed his decision to leave school for music, emphasizing the lucrative nature of the industry. He highlighted the challenges he faced and the importance of standing firm in business dealings.

In Conclusion

Habeeb Okokiola, better known as Portable Zazu, has carved a niche for himself in the Nigerian music scene with his vibrant style and energetic performances. Despite facing obstacles, he has risen to prominence and continues to make waves in the industry.