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Etiquette for online/virtual meetings within your reach



Etiquette for online/virtual meetings within your reach: There are few persons that know the etiquettes for online meetings.

Don’t worry if you are not aware of the rules guiding virtual meetings. You are not alone! We will unveil some of the rules:

  • Ensure you join in with the name people know you with and not a nickname.
  • Be prepared: Always read up whatever materials they send out before the meeting begins to be on same page with everybody else.
  • Observe courtesy: If you need to speak during the meeting, signify by a raise of hands (there is an icon like that) with the required icon.
  • Mute your microphone when you are not talking during the meeting: Avoid echo noise from conflicting microphones.

Etiquette for online/virtual meetings within your reach

Mute your microphone when you know that your house is noisy so that other participants will concentrate and hear others when they speak.

  • Air your view: During a meeting (with 2 and above people in attendance), declare your presence immediately you join.
  • Always project your voice, your team will appreciate it if you speak loudly and clearly enough. This will reduce the instance where your colleagues need to increase their apps’ volume just to hear you speak.
  • Dress appropriately: You can wear whatever clothes you want, but you need to dress properly.
  • Leave the keyboard alone: Whether you are chatting with your friend or diligently taking notes, the sound of your typing is distracting and you may loose concentration.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Your co-workers will not be able listen to what you have to say or take you seriously when your room is unkempt or you have a bad lighting.
  • No food allowed: No one wants to see your face covered with food stuff while discussing relevant business issues.

Not only is it distracting to others, you may also not concentrate too.

  • Stay seated and stay present: Do not be distracted by checking your inbox or carry on other conversation outside the meeting.

You might miss out on important information or a chance to give your input. If you are using your webcam, then sit straight up and show your mind and body are in the meeting.


The Covid-19 pandemic makes virtual meetings possible.

They are also enormous, numerous and user friendly, with the capacity to host a large number of people and narrowing connection down to a link either as a host or an invitee.

Irrespective of the convenience of using these platforms, it is our joint responsibility to comply with the virtual meeting etiquettes as well as being professional and courteous while sessions are ongoing.

We all know certain rules apply to physical meetings, they also apply to virtual meetings.



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