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How to Make a YouTube Video Guide For Beginners



It obvious that many people are struggling on how to start a YouTube channel but don’t worry this post will help you to get the accurate results you want, all those require, Smartphone, laptop, camera.

In talking about the Laptop In which can be replaced my laptop incase you don have enough money, you can use smart quality phone such IPhone, Samsung and other smart quality devices that is good in camera.

With regards to posting video content material,
In reality, at this factor, YouTube is nearly synonymous with internet video.

YouTube has over 1.nine billion monthly lively users and they watch one billion hours of video each day. to put that in perspective, that’s over 114,000 years of video ate up every day.

So how DO you grow to be a success on YouTube?

These days I’m going to proportion with you strategies from a number of the top YouTubers that show exactly what you must (and shouldn’t) do for YouTube content creation, so as to achieve your goal of success.

Step by step, that you need to make a successful YouTube video:

  1. Create a YouTube video strategy
  2. Make sure your video is found on YouTube
  3. YouTube ideas and topics
  4. Understand YouTube equipment for beginners
  5. Learn the first YouTube video you should make
  6. Set up your video recording
  7. Record your desktop
  8. Edit your video
  9. Upload your video on YouTube
  10. Optimize your video for YouTube

Create a YouTube video strategy

Choose the right topic (for the right audience)

need to recognise the quality-kept mystery about being a hit on YouTube (or any other content platform)?

It has little or no with you because the writer.

you could be charismatic, humorous, and smart — however if you don’t offer price, your movies are vain.

It’s no longer approximately you or what you could advantage. in case you show up to YouTube trying to get something out of it, you in all likelihood gained’t be very a hit.

Find your best target market for YouTube

Before you begin running on your first script or storyboard, you have to solution this question:

Who is your target market?

Understanding your target market will guide nearly each selection you’re making about your video.

Area of interest is right. large is awful.

Recognition your content material on helping the viewer achieve their dreams. if you’re promoting software, you need to ensure your video facilitates the viewer research precisely what they need to be successful.

Make sure your video is found on YouTube

A video can’t achieve success if nobody sees it! You must take into account search engine optimization (search engine optimization) while you start growing your video.

There is a lot to study and discern out, however specifically you want to get your content material discovered through the folks who are searching.

YouTube ideas and topics

Now that you know your audience, you may be wondering “What ought to I make a YouTube video about?” the coolest information is that there are heaps of methods to discover YouTube video ideas that your target audience is attempting to find.

Allow’s say you run a domestic contracting enterprise. making a decision you are going to target your channel in the direction of current owners trying to spruce up their residence. Your preliminary video subjects would possibly include such things as a way to take away Popcorn Ceilings or a way to Refinish Your Kitchen shelves.

That’s a great begin, however for even more ideas than your preliminary list, here are some hints from Gord Isman of the best places you can use to get inspired and find exceedingly-applicable topics to your unique audience.

Understand YouTube equipment for beginners

it may be clean to get overwhelmed and experience like you don’t have the proper tools to create your video.

It’s a laugh to have excessive-end equipment and there’s no question that higher device can produce a better excellent video.

hold in thoughts, too, that exceptionally specialised equipment that can be complex to run, and requires big time and training to master.

particularly as you’re beginning out, attempt now not to fear too much about gadget.

First, learn to get top at developing the content and fear approximately leveling up your equipment later.

  • Microphone
  • Screen recorder and video editor
  • Lighting
  • Camera or webcam

Learn the first YouTube video you should make

There are all styles of movies that people create on YouTube. The first-rate video you may start with is an academic video.

A simple educational or how-to video is a wonderful manner to get your feet wet.

An educational video truly answers a query someone requested. it can be the way to Freeze Panes in Excel or how to change Your Oil. either way, you’re absolutely sharing your professional expertise with others.

Set up your video recording

Now which you know your audience, have you topics deliberate out, and recognize what video to make it’s time to get started making your video.

A script may appear pretty formal, but it’s a top notch device to help you live centered. Plan out the visuals (photographs, angles, pics, and many others.) that go with every line of dialogue.

in case you already have a blog submit for a subject, I’d advocate you write a script primarily based off of the unique submit. It doesn’t need to be tricky.

Record your desktop

Your recording can be as easy or complex as you want to make it. you can report webcam to give it some personality, create an intro, upload music, or really hit report and proportion it out.

  • Record on your screen
  • Customize your settings
  • Finsh recording

Edit you video

Editing your videos can be the most fun and wasting of time a part of the introduction technique. And for a newbie, it may simply be the most overwhelming.

  • Trims mistakes
  • Use Cuts
  • Add title, transition and more
  • Video editing tip
  • Add simple intro
  • Create lower third
  • Add music
  • Focus on good audio and video voice
  • Create a compelling outro

Upload your video on YouTube

Uploading to YouTube is simple. in case you use Camtasia to create your YouTube video you’ll have the option to share without delay to YouTube from within the product. You’ll genuinely must log into YouTube and join your YouTube account to Camtasia.

Optimize your video for YouTube

As you begin making your video there are few key regions you’ll want to focus in on to make certain your video plays properly in YouTube. with the aid of being strategic even as you are making your video you’ll give your self a better shot at rating on YouTube.

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