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Lilian Muli: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Family, Husband



Lilian Muli: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Family, Husband

Lilian Muli: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Family, Husband

Profiling Lilian Muli

A Quick Glance At Lilian Muli

1. Full Names: Lilian Muli
2. Stage Name: Lilian Muli
3. Date Of Birth: May 4, 1982
4. Age: 40
5. Nationality: Kenyan
6. Education: Bachelor’s Degree at Daystar University, MBA in Strategic Management at the University of Nairobi
7. Occupation: Journalist and News Anchor
8. Relationship/Marital Status: Divorced (Ex-Husband: Moses Njuguna Kanene)
9. Place of Birth: Nairobi
10. No of Children: One son named Joshua
11. Net Worth: $500k

How Old Is Lilian Muli

News anchor Lilian Muli was born on May 4, 1982, making her 40 years old.

Lilian Muli Education

Lilian Muli attended Loreto Convent Msongari before pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism at Daystar University. She furthered her education with an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Nairobi.

Lilian Muli Job History

Lilian Muli began her career in 2005 as an intern in the production department at KTN. After impressing during screen tests, she became a news anchor. In December 2010, she joined Citizen TV, where she has hosted various shows, including the popular “One on One” and “Fashion Watch.”

Lilian Muli Salary

As a news anchor at Citizen TV, Lilian Muli earns a salary of at least $2,000.

Lilian Muli Parents

Lilian Muli is the second born of her late father Henry Muli and mother Peninah Muli, who resides in Bangkok, Thailand. Her father was a prominent lawyer.

Lilian Muli House

Lilian Muli recently gave fans a glimpse of her living room, indicating that she spends leisure time there.

Lilian Muli Husband Moses Njuguna Kanene’s Proposal and Wedding

Lilian Muli was previously married to Moses Njuguna Kanene. He proposed to her in a dramatic fashion at the KTN offices, leading to an emotional moment. They tied the knot in a colorful garden wedding at Windsor Golf Course, presided over by Pastor David Kabibi.

Lilian Muli Husband

After her divorce from Moses Njuguna Kanene, Lilian Muli’s current relationship status remains private. Jared Nevaton, a football administrator, is rumored to be the father of her daughter.

Lilian Muli Children

Lilian Muli and Moses Kanene share one son named Joshua, born in 2010.

Lilian Muli Pregnancy

Lilian Muli faced speculation about her pregnancy, revealing the truth about the father of her daughter, Jared Nevaton.

Lilian Muli Separation, Divorce

Lilian Muli filed for divorce from Moses Njuguna Kanene, citing adultery, cruelty, and desertion. They married in September 2009 and have a son together.

Signs of Lilian Muli’s Divorce Prior to 2016

Before officially divorcing, signs of trouble in Lilian Muli’s marriage surfaced, including changes in how she referenced her marital status on television and her social media presence.

Lilian Muli Scandals

Lilian Muli has faced scrutiny for her partying habits and alleged alcohol addiction, with reports of her being spotted with different men. However, she remains a valued asset at Citizen TV.

Lilian Muli Social Media

Lilian Muli can be reached on Twitter at @lillian_muli.