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Maria Marçal biografia (Biography), Age, Career, Networth



Maria Marçal biografia (Biography)

Maria Marçal is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter from Portugal. Marçal became born in Porto, in which she has lived maximum of her life. She takes affect from both fado and pop, growing a virtually particular sound. Her track has been praised for its powerful lyrics that target social troubles.

Early career

Marçal started writing songs at the age of 15, finally freeing her first album on the age of 21. Her debut album became critically acclaimed, with many praising its particular sound.

given that then, she has launched numerous more albums to further acclaim. Marçal has additionally executed at severa fairs around the world.


Marçal has collaborated with numerous other artists during her profession. She has worked with fellow Portuguese artists inclusive of Rita Redshoes and Ana Moura, in addition to international stars together with John Legend. She has additionally been featured on several compilations of fado song.

Musical style

Marçal’s musical fashion is a mix of conventional fado song and current pop affects. Her songs frequently discover issues of love, loss, and identification. Her lyrics are regularly poetic and thought-scary, making them deeply resonant with listeners. Her vocals are effective but sensitive, giving her track a completely unique emotional resonance.

Awards And Reputation

Marçal’s song has been identified with the aid of numerous awards at some stage in her career.

She has won the Amália Rodrigues Prize for fine New Artist in Portugal in 2010, as well as several other awards. She has also been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards a couple of times.

Modern Album

Marçal’s latest challenge is her 5th album “O Sol da Manha” which was released in 2020. The album continues to discover topics of affection and identity whilst introducing some new musical affects inclusive of jazz and funk.

The album received vital acclaim upon its launch, further solidifying Marçal’s place within the Portuguese song scene.

Maria Marçal Net Worth

Her Net Worth is rated approximately $ 713K

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