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Prank video goes viral: Shenaz Treasurywala’s pregnancy



Shenaz Treasurywala, the Indian actress and pro tour vlogger, lately have become the talk of the net international following a video of her going viral on social media. This video, to begin with sparking controversy, offered the actress in a reputedly careless way at a gathering, with a discernable being pregnant bump. Her actions, which include consuming alcohol, growing a spectacle, and candidly discussing private subjects with men, to start with appeared to be a departure from the expected behavior throughout pregnancy.

Fairly, it was later discovered that the entire series changed into a well-planned April fool’s Day prank with the aid of Shenaz herself. regarded for her sharp wit and spontaneity, the actress effectively accomplished the prank, leaving many first of all astonished by using her apparently unconventional behaviour.

The viral video showcases Shenaz’s jovial facet, where she humorously questions random guys approximately potentially being the father of her unborn child. This incident underscores the importance of no longer taking everything visible online at face cost, specifically on activities like April idiot’s Day, wherein playful deception is a part of the day’s lifestyle.

The sector of entertainment is no stranger to scandals and controversies. The current commotion surrounding Shenaz Treasury, first-class recognised for her role in Delhi stomach (2011), is a testament to this.

The meant scandal revolved around a leaked video that unfold like wildfire on Instagram, displaying Shenaz engaging in unorthodox behaviour at a party whilst visibly pregnant.

The video depicts Shenaz eating alcohol, growing a scene, jumping on fixtures, and brazenly discussing intimate subjects with other party-goers. The situation escalated while she commenced asking random men if they might doubtlessly be the father of her unborn baby.

However, earlier than forming any judgments on the problem, it’s miles critical to apprehend the complete context.

The entire incident, it seems, became an complex April fool’s Day prank masterminded by means of Shenaz. The actress took to Instagram to explain that the viral video become a scripted comic story, underlining the importance of vital thinking while consuming content material on social media.

Shenaz Treasury, celebrated for her varied roles as an actress, video jockey, talk show host, and tour blogger, has continually had a knack for unexpected her target market.

However, this precise prank ignited a wave of discussions about the bounds of humour inside the era of social media

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