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Top 10 Financial Influencers in 2024



1. Josh Rincon: 10.2M followers (£942 per post)

Josh Rincon is the one of the most popular finance influencer, with 10,298,804 followers, likes and subscribers across social media. This includes 5,300,000 Facebook followers, 479,500 TikTok followers and 4,300,000 likes on TikTok.

This millennial finfluencer is a proud advocate of educational finance. The Program Director of a financial non-profit, Advance Latino, Josh also posts regular videos about digital money and discount hacks.

Rincon brings in 1,300 average likes per post and can earn up to £942 per sponsored post on Instagram.

2. Humphrey Yang: 54.3M followers (£1956 per post)

Humphrey Yang has been crowned the most popular finance influencer. The 35-year-old finfluencer has accumulated an astonishing 54,317,401 followers, likes and subscribers across social media, with 501,000 Instagram followers, 3,300,000 TikTok and 49,500,000 TikTok likes.

His original writing mostly focuses on personal finance, including advice on tax credits and savings.

In addition, Humphrey assists businesses and customers through non-profit organizations, frequently giving away thousands of dollars in cash to members of the public.

With 54.3 million followers and 2,700 likes on average for every upload, Yang can earn up to £1,956 for each sponsored post on Instagram.


3. Jeremy Schneider: 4.1M followers (£1920 per post)

Jeremy Schneider (and his Personal Finance Club) has 4,162,066 followers, likes and subscribers on social media. This includes 487,000 Instagram followers, 124,600 TikTok followers and 3,500,000 likes on TikTok.

Scheider, who retired at age 36, has a net worth of more than $4 million. This influencer shares motivational information about financial management and investing strategies in an effort to assist others in achieving a similar degree of financial independence.


Furthermore, Jeremy may earn up to £1,920 every sponsored post on Instagram and has an average like count of 4,400.


4. Anthony O’Neal: 3.7M followers (£1389 per post)

Anthony O’Neal has 3,766,200 followers, likes and subscribers across social media. This includes 347,000 Instagram followers and 599,000 YouTube subscribers.

In addition to posting inspirational content, this finfluencer is the bestselling author of multiple books and the Chief Executive Officer of The Neatness Network.

O’Neal has an average like count of 1,900 and can bring home up to £1,389 per sponsored post on Instagram.

10. Steve: 15.1M followers (£980 per post)

Steve (also known as the Financial Freedom Coach), comes in fourth place. This financial influencer has 15,101,585 followers, likes and subscribers – including 40,200 YouTube subscribers, 9,28,500 TikTok followers and 13,900,000 likes on TikTok.

Since reaching financial freedom at 33 years old, Steve has been teaching people everything there is to know about personal finance, including investing, saving, taxes and more.

Steve can make up to £980 per sponsored post, with an average like count of 1,500.

So, there you have it! These top 10 financial influencers are just a jumping-off point on your journey to financial freedom. Remember, the key is to find ones who resonate with you, whose style keeps you engaged, and whose advice aligns with your goals. With the right guidance and a sprinkle of financial fun, you’ll be crushing your budget, smashing your savings targets, and achieving financial zen in no time!

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